With Datalink, users with little or no experience in database management can access the full power of a SQL database. This connectivity program combines the power of a SQL database with the familiar graphical environment of Wingz (the presentation spreadsheet application from IISC) to make data access and analysis fast, flexible, and intuitive.

Datalink allows users to take full advantage of the power of SQL, at the touch of a button, within easy-to-use dialog boxes. The program automatically translates their selections into SQL and transmits them to the SQL database for information retrieval. For Experienced RDBMS users, Datalink provides a command line dialog box that accepts SQL statements directly.

Datalink retrieves database information into a Wingz worksheet for convenient viewing and analysis. From there, users can perform statistical calculations, create reports, and generate over 25 types of striking charts using the RDBMS data.

Hyperscript programmers can use all the features of Datalink to create custom graphical-based Executive Information Systems using data from SQL databases.


Product Highlights

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